Science vs Metaphysics

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Dark Energy. Dark Matter. Astrophysicists go on and on about these although they don’t have any real proof they actually exist. “Something” is causing space clouds and nebulae to move in other than straight lines through the universe. And they had to call it something, right?

Dark matter, somewhere out there…

I use a simple tool to indicate when a Galactic or Angel or other is trying to communicate with me. Not only does “something ” move the pendulum, but I get answers from those entities that make sense, like real conversation. I have done science-based experiments that show the one(s) communicating are the ones that move the pendulum. Really, it’s detailed in my book called Conversing with Various Entities.

No perceptible movement allowed!

I strapped my hand to a board so that my fingers extended over the edge enough to hang equal weight pendulums on. Two Galactics that I’m very fond of volunteered to each operate one of them. Within three minutes they had the pendulums rotating in opposing directions in an alternating sequence that allowed them to be close together but never hit each other. I made a video of it, too!

That’s more proof than those Einsteins have about Dark Energy and Dark Matter!

At the Psychic Fair

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A few years ago, after I’d learned about using pendulums and began talking to angels and Galactics, I joined a small Psychic outfit that travelled annually to a series of cities around here. They specialized in fortune telling and aura pictures and such. I offered selling and teaching about pendulums and they let me in. I set up a table with a tree limb in the center to hang lots of pendulums from. Here is an example that was included in the Conversing with Various Entities book:

Here’s another Psychic Fair story, all true. One woman and her teenaged daughter came up to my table. I did the usual move, handing the lady a pendulum and showing her how to use it. She had difficulty. I put my hand on her arm to help and got the clearest message.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I smiled toward my guests.” Did your husband pass on recently?”

The lady looked astounded. “Yes he did.” Her daughter put her arm around Mama and peered at me attentively.

I trod onward. “I see a hefty black man lying on a sofa on a cloud. He’s tapping his cigar on the cloud, grinning.”

The Lady and daughter were crying. Mama said, “I used to get after him all the time for getting his cigar ashes all over the floor!”

I put my hand to my mouth and flung it out, saying, “He says ‘I love y’all darlin’s forever and on!'”

They could not speak. Mama left a $20 on my table and they fled. I felt my Guardian Angel and I did a wonderful thing, all because of the messages communicated and acted upon.

It’s amazing how one little tool can open such a miraculous world to a person!

Making Things & Getting HELP!

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I surely do adore making things. One particular item is ale. Yes, I became a home brewer out here in the woods. I like the dark ales…If you can see through the mug it isn’t dark enough! This month’s video uses this brewing fetish – hold on, let me get a sip – dang that’s tasty! Where was I, oh yes, the video recounts how my entity mentor helped me avoid an expensive mistake!

I ask my entity friends for aid quite often. When the black clouds gang up and race toward me and the radio blares warnings, I ask Storm (elemental) if she can tell if I need to hunker in the basement or not as she rides the clouds.  I request aid shedding the interfering demons that latch on to the unaware from Jesus Christ (my Gold Standard) and Stone (elemental) assists with making pendulums. Ricky (ET) helps with stories, decisions, inspire my paintings and keeps me company out here away from anyone.

Something to get from all that is that you can get real friends if you work diligently at practicing, learning each entity’s signature, learning to keep the demons from interfering by using your Gold Standard. Get video training on some of these things by signing up for the monthly vids!