Our Moon, Our Star

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Our Moon, Our Star; let’s End This Year with Real Effort to Save the Planet We Love!

We have these holidays and the Winter Solstice and the cold season of winter heaving up to us. Can we use the abundant love and light caressing the Earth and create better climate help? Solve the horrid shootings that keep increasing? Figure out how to persuade folks to have tolerance of others? Get solar or charging stations installed?

If you have the strong desire to help Earth and her inhabitants do better in the coming year, please think of how and share your ideas here!

We all need help doing this!

Is this not the time of giving and sharing?

Chat with the Hummingbird Vine?

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What would you think if you were out in the woods and in a small clearing you saw a huge array of dark green vines with pointy leaves, all festooned with large bright orange trumpet-like flowers? You just might step on over to better view the tiny hummingbirds that were feasting from the gorgeous trumpets.

Now, what if a voice came into your head saying, “Aren’t those hummingbirds delightful!”

Your eyes widen and you peer around, seeing no other person. Then the voice returns, “Did I scare you? Sorry! My name is Jebid and I adore these trumpety flowers. I live here with them!”

A Sweet Hummer!

Would you immediately assume that you’d met a fairy as they did a thousand years ago? Go and tell all your friends there were fairies, sprites or elves here?  Or would you whip out your pendulum and ask if the speaker was an elemental (a species that elected to come to Earth eons ago without their physical bodies. They are of love and light and like to talk with us) or an angel? There are indeed many elementals around, especially in nature.

If you get YES on your pendulum, you have a new elemental friend! Find out Jebid’s signature. You might stay and discuss area logging and climate problems. That is until Jeb tells you a thunderstorm is on the way. Head on home humming, maybe more happy than usual!

Voices in Your Head?

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You’ve had a tiring, sweltering day and are ready to take it easy. You reach inside the fridge and hear a strong voice in your head saying, “No! Please don’t!”

Your hand drops. “Why?”

You hear, “You need water, lots of it, or you’ll get leg cramps tonight!”

  1. You certainly knew that was a possibility, so probably your own mind reared up and said that.
  2. Your Guardian Angel is trying to keep you from pain and harm.

Which One?

Pull out that pendulum and ask if that’s your Guardian Angel. Your pendulum shows YES! So you ask, “Can I drink a quart of water now and have my homemade nut brown ale with pizza tonight?

People hear voices in their heads often; I especially hear them when I’m reading a book. Many times, it really is your own mind trying to keep you straight. Sometimes it’s not.

Use that pendulum to find out! Ask if somebody is trying to talk to you. If you get YES, think of how that voice sounded, how it felt in your head. Different than your own thoughts? Check often and try to discern the difference. You may find out you can indeed here the angels, Galactics and the elementals! Practice and hone your skills!

Let Me See Your Sig!

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Not a cigarette…a SIGNATURE! Most entities can show you their signatures on your pendulum, like two vertical and two across is the sig of Jesus Christ. Some are more complicated and you’ll need to volunteer your spare hand to let the entity move it to show a figure eight or a circle with a wavy circumference.

  1. Can you show me your signature? You get YES and see to clockwise and then two counterclockwise circles;
  2. Can you show me your signature? You get NO. Can you show me with my hand? YES! You get a music symbol, like a fancy S with a line down through it.
A Signature

Above is a brief example of finding an entity’s signature, Jesus Christ volunteered as He wishes to meet many others. Note my hand seems to move…the pendulum is rather heavy, and the momentum makes it move. I could have strapped my hand down, but this vid has lots of MB already! Keep it simple!

In any case, listen for the name, too. The name and signature will always be the same for that entity. Soon you’ll be able to yank out that pendulum and see the sig and, smiling, call out his name!


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When you meet up with an entity you don’t know, be safe! Demons are not physical, not alive and are pure evil. They want to get into your head and push you to get hurt or to do evil or both. Below, I talk about calling on your Gold Standard. It’s explained in the Conversing with Various Entities book, but in short, the Gold Standard is the one you have faith in and look up to, often they are considered sacred.  Mine is Jesus Christ. Yours is whoever you feel it needs to be – one known as being a master of love and light is advised. As explained in the book, Jesus does not require church attendance, baptism, or any other religious requirement; He will help anyone striving for Love and Light.

Here is an example for you. The black print is the human with a pendulum talking. The violet print is the entity that’s trying to talk to the human. Green is some outside-the-story explanation.

Be Safe!

Annie felt her palm itch, a sign that somebody wanted to talk with her. She pulled out her pendulum.

Is somebody trying to talk to me?

The pendulum twirled Yes.

Are you of Love and Light?

If no response or a NO answer, call on your Gold Standard quickly and let that strong one take the demon and verify the evil. If verified, the demon gets cast into a black hole.

If you get YES, proceed with meeting a new friend!

What is your name?

If you think you hear a name in your head, say it aloud and see if that is it. Try a few similar names if it seems right.

Did I hear Novo?

The pendulum twirled weakly, the showed ‘Maybe’.

A star showed in Annie’s vision. Nova?

A strong YES!

If you don’t get any hints, try running through the alphabet; yes means you got the right letter. Maybe just do all the vowels next. That should help!

Are you a galactic person? An elemental? An angel?

YES on the last one.

Annie’s other arm started rocking forward and back. Do you want to show me something?


Annie’s arm directed her downstairs to the washer and dryer. Oh, I need to do laundry! I know I do.


Annie perused the area, must be something wrong. Aha! The drain showed water all the way to the top. Clogged! If she’d done laundry without looking, the basement would have flooded!

(btw, today is my birthday.)

Juneteenth Holiday!

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A very important concept in Love and Light is tolerance and love toward all. Sharing, caring and daring others to open their minds and hearts! Here are some of the books for sale in my Old Lady Who bookstore:

I have lots of history books, from indigenous Americans to children’s books and much more. I live here alone in my Kentucky log cabin and run the bookstore that took over my garage myself. Mostly I sell books you can learn from: history, science, Qi Gong and yoga, gardening, sewing, baking, nature, various religions and sacred texts and so on. Many of these books I’ve had for years and others I recently bought, not to get rich but to share with others. I sell for enough to cover the costs and make many sales to libraries.

Have a look! Old Lady Who? – AbeBooks – Horse Branch, KY, U.S.A.

Of Course!

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I’ve been thinking lots about doing more to help others learn how to speak directly to other beings. The Elementals are fantastic and have so many stories to tell! Many folks like straight talk from their Guardian Angels. Even the highest levels will communicate with you, like Jesus, Mohammed and such. All you need is a clear mind, a pendulum and a desire for Love and Light.

Please let me know what I can put into a course to help you start communicating! I’ll read all comments and consider the ideas. My initial thought is how to use the pendulum and to identify the ones you can speak with, including the signatures and safety measures. What else?

No Mow May?

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At the start of May, I heard an environmental fellow saying that not mowing in May would aid the bees, birds, all the critters that depend on flowers. They yard sprang up with clover all over, lots of yellow and purple and blue wildflowers and all sorts of florid vines. I did take the weed eater and cleared the driveway but left the rest.


Practical Advice!

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If you use a pendulum hard, meaning having big responses, here are some tips. I take out all the demons I can and there are gazillions of them. I have lots of pendulums so tried all kinds for this job. I used the string ones but had issues with them at these enormous rates of capture. The light ones are great for conversations but not heavy hunting as they cannot speed up and slow down fast, insufficient momentum. The heavy ones can stop and spin fast. Problem is, both stress the strings too much at frequent helicopter speeds.

What’s left is the pointy stones with the chain. The older one I used a couple days ago actually broke at the clasping point! The rest are like the ones I sell and are much sturdier, so no problem there. The pressing issue there is that holding the chain at copter speed for a couple hours causes metallic stains, blisters and pain!

Fast spinning pendulum chains stain and hurt!
From gripping the chain

That’s why I went to this handy hook that I could slip a looped chain on and tape over to keep it there, then hold securely with the larger side as shown. What a relief! I used masking tape as it was the first that I found at the time

Do any out there also run their pendulums on helicopter speeds? Just wondering!