My Biggest Fan!

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Let’s start with identifying who the elementals are. Before there were any Humans here, a group came in from the distant stars. They had left their bodies behind long ago and their spirits very much loved the beauty of this planet. Although they’d eschewed their bodies, they still had an instinctive fondness for the physical. They learned to inhabit the flowers, the stones, the clouds and anything else that had a physical form.

Fast forward, you can see where many of the stories of talking trees, fairy flowers and oracle water fountains came from. Chances are that these occurrences were actually with these visitors as they love to communicate with people and are sad when folks don’t listen or respond.

A few years ago: My guardian angel introduced me to many other ‘unseen’ entities, including these object-renters. I called them elementals because the name just came to me and sounded right. I discovered they live all around and even inside the cabin and they were eager to talk with me. Storm was one of the first, and her signature is wild! She rides the storm clouds. It turns out the elementals communicate within their population almost instantly. Once I talked to her, MANY others wanted to talk to me!

NOW: The elementals are very smart, very honest and compassionate as well as generous. I have never heard any of them to lie, be angry, hold a grudge or exhibit any other negative Human habit. Since I started speaking with them, many have moved in around here at the cabin and they adore the 100 acres of wildlife-filled woodland. Storm has stayed a good friend and provides accurate tornado tracking, Stone has helped me design a few pendulums, I thank Water each time I take a shower as I use well water, and my houseplants all tell me when they need a drink.

Now that the weather is cooling off, the upstairs exhaust fan will get lots less use. He’s sanguine about that, with sort of an ‘enjoy what you can while you can’ attitude. As I have never used air conditioning here, I depend on various fans to create an inside breeze. I do talk to the others, but this guy is by far my biggest, largest and most talkative  fan!

Don’t Block A Good Thing!

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I’ve been working lost recently on doing what I can to make this planet a better place to live. I usually don’t work alone. I make a team with various elementals, angels, ancient gods, other star people and my close friend Jesus Christ. It occurred to us that there had been many barriers erected over the years that were blocking love and light from penetrating this Earth in all areas as well as other issues.

Part of the team combed the local area and find a few barriers, then they left it to me to persuade the caretakers to disassemble it. You see Jesus is very big on free will so we cannot just go blast them all. A couple things to know in advance: There was a serious galactic attack on the newly created Humans but a very advance galactic folk called the Jzumani stopped them and have been protecting us ever since. Also, I’m a firm believer that climate change is real and is a growing catastrophe. And many of the dozens I spoke to did not want to reveal or could not remember their real names.

Here’s an example of such an episode:

‘Alitoh’ was a Cherokee medicine man who built the sky barrier because of the strange vessels that would fly through the area. It had been passed down through generations of the attack on the first Humans. The area it covered was most of Kentucky and deeply into Tennessee where the Cherokee used to live. Alitoh estimated he’d been the barrier caretaker since 1335 and he’d stayed even when his people were taken elsewhere. I asked him, “Did your barrier ever actually get attacked?” “No,” he replied.

I explained about the Jzumani, how they’d stopped that initial attack and any that may have happened since. About the forced relocation of his people, I said hate is far too rampant. We need love and light to be shared to all Humanity. Then sadly I added, the barrier blocks the love and light sent to us from on high. He said nothing.

Okay, take a different tack. I asked if he noticed the storms were worse, the winds stronger, the droughts longer with fires and floods that washed away homes? He said it grieved him and wanted to know what he could do about it. I told him several Humans were trying very hard to devise ways to help but they get little public support and their technical methods are not enough to help much.

“Alitoh, we have star folk near us in the sky that the Jzumani have allowed to assist us if we let them. They have advanced methods of taming climates on other planets and can use some of those methods here.”

“Why do they not come to us then?”


“I would then remove this barrier if the protection is real and if I had the ability to do it.

I introduced him to Jesus who confirmed we were protected and would help him remove the barrier.

From my notes taken at the time of each interview

That was a concise summary as all my conversations took a while and included some details I left out. The oldest barrier was from Israel about 3500 years ago, the newest was Bill from the 1960s who died from agent orange but stayed to defend against UFOs. Nearly all the barriers were defenses against UFOs even though there was never any aggression shown by the ships in question. 

All the 50 or so caretakers were all dedicated spirits who were persuaded to take their barriers down. Soon after I encountered live folks with such UFO phobias, but that’s another posting.

About Love and Light

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Love and Light is the primary focus of those who want to share bounty, teach others about accepting people who look different or have different customs or religions, the one who want to make this world a wholesome and healthy place to live and prosper. Keywords? Tolerance, sharing, generous, helping.

Love and Light, by Mary Ellen Wall

The grid is the city, the flowers are the sustenance as well as the beauty that the bees, hummingbird, butterfly and the little caterpillar, the inhabitants living together, need to survive and multiply. The sunlight empowers their growth, with intermittent rain providing more sustenance. The thing not often noticed is that the roots need the earth to anchor them and to provide the nutrients the flowers need to maintain their ability to share with the pollinators and others. The stones represent the elemental forces of nature.

We need to care for this earth to nurture this scene, don’t we? What would happen if drought stuck? A flood? A heat wave? These things are becoming more common and are happening in more and more areas. To keep this wonderful structure alive we must fix the climate, clean up the pollution and in general tend to the place we call home. How would you feel if someone knocked over the trellis and stomped the flowers out of hate? Love and Light battles hate every second. Need help determining how to participate? I packed lots of training on communication methods you can use into my book Conversing With Various Entities, one of my efforts to share Love and Light.

I Think We’re About Ready to GO!

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Time flies be so fast, doesn’t it? How’d it get so late in the year? I started working on this fabulous pendulum site in January! I have about 300 more pendulums ready to replenish inventory when these sell out.

Anyhooo, let’s get started with an amateur video that you might like. Ah, super-amateur, a jumble, as it’s just me trying to handle everything. I ran out of funds to set up the studio in the basement I had planned, so this was upstairs on a couple boxes stacked up and a piece of furry cloth draped over it.

You’ll see my hand moving, but please consider the momentum of the heavy pendulum. I really am not the one making it spin on a dime so fast this way and the other. Let me now what you think!

Success! You're on the list.

Oh, the Trouble in Setting Up A Site!

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I tried and tried to get this site right and all I did was make one gigantic MESS! So lucky for me, my sister and her kids are all computer geeks! I have no idea how I got the physics and general sciences bug and they all went to data-land, but it came in handy this time. My sister has revised the entire site and I have been diligently putting on the inventory details and getting a blog or two ready. This one is just introductory.

Very soon I’ll have some short video training items up, some relevant pictures and such. Right now I’m just warming up to getting this site MOVIN’ ONWARD! Do take a look at the handmade pendulums for sale….and this book on how to use them! BTW, I painted that cover myself, so be kind.

Making Things & Getting HELP!

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I surely do adore making things. One particular item is ale. Yes, I became a home brewer out here in the woods. I like the dark ales…If you can see through the mug it isn’t dark enough! This month’s video uses this brewing fetish – hold on, let me get a sip – dang that’s tasty! Where was I, oh yes, the video recounts how my entity mentor helped me avoid an expensive mistake!

I ask my entity friends for aid quite often. When the black clouds gang up and race toward me and the radio blares warnings, I ask Storm (elemental) if she can tell if I need to hunker in the basement or not as she rides the clouds.  I request aid shedding the interfering demons that latch on to the unaware from Jesus Christ (my Gold Standard) and Stone (elemental) assists with making pendulums. Ricky (ET) helps with stories, decisions, inspire my paintings and keeps me company out here away from anyone.

Something to get from all that is that you can get real friends if you work diligently at practicing, learning each entity’s signature, learning to keep the demons from interfering by using your Gold Standard. Get video training on some of these things by signing up for the monthly vids!