Let Me See Your Sig!

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Not a cigarette…a SIGNATURE! Most entities can show you their signatures on your pendulum, like two vertical and two across is the sig of Jesus Christ. Some are more complicated and you’ll need to volunteer your spare hand to let the entity move it to show a figure eight or a circle with a wavy circumference.

  1. Can you show me your signature? You get YES and see to clockwise and then two counterclockwise circles;
  2. Can you show me your signature? You get NO. Can you show me with my hand? YES! You get a music symbol, like a fancy S with a line down through it.
A Signature

Above is a brief example of finding an entity’s signature, Jesus Christ volunteered as He wishes to meet many others. Note my hand seems to move…the pendulum is rather heavy, and the momentum makes it move. I could have strapped my hand down, but this vid has lots of MB already! Keep it simple!

In any case, listen for the name, too. The name and signature will always be the same for that entity. Soon you’ll be able to yank out that pendulum and see the sig and, smiling, call out his name!

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