Destination: Black Hole!

Take down the demons!

I have done much for love and light and can dowse. You know dowsing? Using a forked stick to locate the right place for a well? Dowsing does much more than that. As described in detail in the Communicating with Various Entities book, a pendulum is much more convenient to use for talking to angels, finding if a tornado is heading your way, asking if I should stay home today and much more.

This post is about demons. They are made of utter darkness, are not alive, not physical and they exude evil. When they attack, they can actually steer your mind in weird directions and hurt your body. I check for them frequently and have a fast way to take them out. Out where? Since you can’t kill something dead, I throw them into a black hole as recommended by my Gold Standard.

In the video above, I get a large response when asking if there are demons out there wanting to get me. Um, also when I ask for the ones afraid of me as I have taken out untold numbers. They seriously hate me and attack me frequently. By the way, I always try to keep my hand from moving even though it may seem I’m influencing the pendulum. I AM NOT! I assure you!

I have set up the word BAM to mean, “Toss these demons into a black hole along with the ones who created them and any groups they are associated with.” Be sure to define your meaning of whatever word you use and always remember to make sure you are only using it against demons. I have established other abbreviations along these lines however this is enough for now!

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