Science vs Metaphysics

Dark Energy. Dark Matter. Astrophysicists go on and on about these although they don’t have any real proof they actually exist. “Something” is causing space clouds and nebulae to move in other than straight lines through the universe. And they had to call it something, right?

Dark matter, somewhere out there…

I use a simple tool to indicate when a Galactic or Angel or other is trying to communicate with me. Not only does “something ” move the pendulum, but I get answers from those entities that make sense, like real conversation. I have done science-based experiments that show the one(s) communicating are the ones that move the pendulum. Really, it’s detailed in my book called Conversing with Various Entities.

No perceptible movement allowed!

I strapped my hand to a board so that my fingers extended over the edge enough to hang equal weight pendulums on. Two Galactics that I’m very fond of volunteered to each operate one of them. Within three minutes they had the pendulums rotating in opposing directions in an alternating sequence that allowed them to be close together but never hit each other. I made a video of it, too!

That’s more proof than those Einsteins have about Dark Energy and Dark Matter!

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