Why All the History?

In a couple book reviews for Conversing with Various Entities, there have been notes about all the history I’ve included. Why do that? I wanted to reveal the extent of the efforts to use tools like pendulums for practical purposes. Ancient miners on through today use similar tools to seek out underground issues that could be trouble. Then the churches at the time determined such use was heretical, burn that guy now!


Using pendulums and other dowsing tools has been going on for a long, long time. It’s not something I made up to sell stuff. It’s not some new fad. It is real and has lineage.

Messages from ANYWHERE!

I’m a firm believer that we go from death into a new fetus over and over to allow us to have the largest variety of experiences possible. I also believe that in my lives in the distant past, I probably used things like pendulums. I may well have been persecuted. I often speak to a famed Egyptian that was around before the pyramids were ever dreamt up. He says I did indeed get did get punished for doing metaphysical things. He said it happened dreadfully often.

In general, be glad for the lenient times we have now. You can experiment with all manner of things including pendulums without being burned at the stake. And you can get printed books like Conversing with Various Entities that explain how times were back then, way back then.

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