Do you Believe In Angels?

Most religions have angels though they may call them something different. I am a Christian, fear not, I respect all belief systems that incorporates Love and Light. I know that Jesus is a fountain of love and light! Did you know Jesus and the angels that work with Him will talk directly to you? If you have a different religion, ask your sacred one about this.

Lovely Angels!

When I first began constructing the log cabin I live in, I needed a well as I was so far out in the country that there were no water lines, and I had to really fight to get electrical lines! The well driller had no geological survey maps or such, he said I needed to dowse for it. What? I was a physics engineer! Magic?

I relented as I needed the water and he showed me how to use a cut y-shaped stick. I could have fallen over with that stick pointed down! The whole story is in the Conversing with Various Entities book, suffice to say I not only found the right spot but also the water levels down to the silver sand aquifer!

I got hooked on dowsing fast; I found my lost pocket knife, I discovered I could find lots more than water. What else? Eventually I learned to use a pendulum and when I insisted to know why the thing rotated yes and no to my questions, my guardian angle spelled out her name to the alphabet I had laid out. I was blown away.

Talkative Angels!

Now I talk to all sorts of entities I cannot physically see. Does that mean they aren’t there? You’ll need to learn to use a pendulum yourself to find out if you can do it too. I bet you can. Really, if this could happen to a stubborn, physics addled Navy vet like me it could happen to anyone!

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