About Love and Light

Love and Light is the primary focus of those who want to share bounty, teach others about accepting people who look different or have different customs or religions, the one who want to make this world a wholesome and healthy place to live and prosper. Keywords? Tolerance, sharing, generous, helping.

Love and Light, by Mary Ellen Wall

The grid is the city, the flowers are the sustenance as well as the beauty that the bees, hummingbird, butterfly and the little caterpillar, the inhabitants living together, need to survive and multiply. The sunlight empowers their growth, with intermittent rain providing more sustenance. The thing not often noticed is that the roots need the earth to anchor them and to provide the nutrients the flowers need to maintain their ability to share with the pollinators and others. The stones represent the elemental forces of nature.

We need to care for this earth to nurture this scene, don’t we? What would happen if drought stuck? A flood? A heat wave? These things are becoming more common and are happening in more and more areas. To keep this wonderful structure alive we must fix the climate, clean up the pollution and in general tend to the place we call home. How would you feel if someone knocked over the trellis and stomped the flowers out of hate? Love and Light battles hate every second. Need help determining how to participate? I packed lots of training on communication methods you can use into my book Conversing With Various Entities, one of my efforts to share Love and Light.

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